Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to Make Large Prop book

I know you all asking yourselves, "How do I make a very large fake prop book for my daughter's Christmas play?"  Well you are in luck.  I learned how to do this from the help from Dave Lowe (he was kind enough to share on his blog to help out this Mom)  Thanks Dave.  Here's my Tuesday Tutorial on Thursday.  Or presenting Thursday Tutorial....

Onward.  First start with foam core and cut front, back and binding.  Take chipboard (thin dense cardboard like on the back of paper pad) and use that to cut embellishments, strips on binding and raised middle.  Make sure it fits together then glue with spray mount.  I also added cut down furniture nail heads to the 4 embellishments in the corners with glue gun (seen in the next pic).

Next you will decoupage paper towels to your book with watered down Matte Modge Podge and let dry.  This gives a textured and weathered look.  When it's dry tape together on the inside and use glue gun if needed on the outside.

Now we add gold paint and let dry.  Then stipple and wipe off burgandy paint to give a distressed look.  Then use stickers or your handydandy Cricket to cut out the title of the book and glue on.  Also add holly to the corners because it's a Christmas play and The nice Director wants holly.  Then take your Mod Podge and decoupage the whole book to give nice matte protection.  When it's dry glue in fake pages that have been crumpled and distressed with ink on the edges.

And here is the finished prop on stage.  Isn't that stage warm and cozy?  Makes me want some hot chocolate.