Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring is here...

Spring is here. What better way to celebrate spring than baby chicks! We have joined the group of "Backyard Poultry Owners" and our family is loving every minute of it.

Without further ado, meet our chickens that were hatched around Easter.

Snowball a White Silkie Bantam
Storm Trooper a White Silkie Bantam
Gwen a Buff Orpington
Another Buff Orpington
Tallulah an Americana
Grace an Americana
Stormy a Black Silkie Bantam
Darth Vader a Black Silkie Bantam
Janis a Light Brahma
Penelope a Partridge Cochin Bantam
Aren't they cute? They won't stay like this very long....they are already growing up. Could you tell the kid's named them all except for Penelope...she's mine. Now the boring details, there are 5 standard breeds that are the egg layers and 5 Bantams that are the smaller, designer birds that my daughter hopes to show at fair next year for 4H. As far as eggs, we will have to wait 8 months for eggs and also at that time we will find out who the rooster or roosters in the bunch are (when they start cock-a-doodling). Unfortunately, roosters are not allowed in the they will have to find a new home (that will be a sad day as we are smitten with all these chickens.)

If you are interested in getting chickens there are tons of wonderful sites out there. Here are two to check out.

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Jenny said...

Those chickies are the cutest ever!!! I want some silkies now!!! I'm hooked!!!