Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cardboard box, tape and some paint

Look at this supper cool car that my brilliant husband built for Elias' Awanas Drive In Movie Night. This night is so much fun for the kids because they get to play games, parade, eat, and watch a movie in their cardboard box cars. Can you say over achiever.....really this doesn't look like a box to me.
And I had to share Ivory's Awana box car Airstream from 2006 also built by Chris and painting and images by me. Don't you love the picture of us looking out the back? It's a real photo blown up.

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HoagsandKisses said...

Those are awesome! I love all the details. I'll be dropping off a refridgerator box, some duct tape and a can of paint... do you think uncle C could whip up that sweet ride from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in time for the holidays? Andrew will settle for Herbie the love bug :) You guys are the best parents ever!!!