Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Different kind of Valentine

This Valentine's Day I didn't get a box of chocolates or flowers.  There wasn't a silly stuffed animal in pink of red holding a heart and singing songs or a frou frou card to say, "I love you!".  It's not that I have anything against those things....I just happen to be a practical gal and didn't get any of those things for him.  Tonight the  bank teller asked, "Do you have any Valentine's plans?"
I kindly replied, "No, I'll be at Awana's tonight with 2 of my kids." : )

And as I drove away and headed to the post office to send off our adoption fingerprints to the FBI and his passport renewal I got a big smile and thought of the wonderful Valentine's gift my husband is.  Here is a man who is taking this journey of adoption again and this time half way across the world.  Here is a man who truly loves God and has taken such wonderful care of me and my children.

Happy Valentines Day, Chris!  and thanks for taking the silly picture above with me.


JessieBessie said...

I love the picture and I love this post. You guys rock!

Rebecca said...