Monday, May 4, 2009

Beloved jane makes jewelry.

Making jewelry and setting up my etsy shop.  Stay tuned as it all comes together.  


Carochka said...

Hey! This is Cara in Kyiv...I have an earring from a pair that I have had for years, but lost kind of looks like your style, would you be able to make one to replace the one I lost? I really loved those earrings...LONG story, but we have a history. :) Anyway, I'll try to get it to you if you think you would be able to...LOVE your stuff, and your blog! Thanks to good ole annoying FB, I found you! Ha! Take care!

beloved jane said...

Helo Cara in Kyiv. Congratulations on being the first commenter :) How are you?
I would love to try and duplicate your earings...bring them next time you are in the states. Thanks for the compliments...look forward to keeping in touch through blogs and FB!